Would Google Forms be a good option for an online trivia night?
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I've been having weekly game nights with friends and we've had enough of the Houseparty/JackBox type apps. I want to host a customized trivia/name that tune night but there's no clean/accurate way to buzz in so I was going to have them answer via text or email but now I'm thinking that having to sort through and open every text or email seems really cumbersome.

Features I'm looking for:

- users can use the same form multiple times to submit their answer (the form would basically be blank with a text box to type in their answer)
- submissions would be instantly accessible/the host can see the submissions come in in real time
- the host would be able to see all the submissions together for easy "grading"

Would Google Forms be a good solution for this? or is there a better way to do it?
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I haven’t used it in a while but I think Socrative may do what you’re looking for? It’s used a lot for this sort of thing in college classes in my experience.
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I ran a Jeopardy game for my roller derby team this week. Used on online board generator aimed at teachers to set up the questions and then screen shared it in Zoom and used the "raise hand" feature as the buzz in. Some of the game generators had the option of live buzzing, but I was trying to not throw new tech at folks so I didn't investigate too far.
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Best answer: My weekly trivia uses Google forms for people to submit answers. You have to set some ground rules to make it easier to score ("no notes in your answer fields") but it works fine for a group of ~75.
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Best answer: Google forms would work for this. You can set it up so all of the answers go into a spreadsheet, and they are timestamped so you would know the order in which they were submitted. The spreadsheet doesn't automagically update, but you can just refresh once per minute or whatever.
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Have you ever used Kahoot? It's incredibly simple to set up and use. I used it to make quizzes when doing onboarding trainings, and it's great at tracking points/buzz ins too.
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Yeah, I'd use kahoot or mentimeter or poll everywhere--the relevant search term is audience response or student response system
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If it's a small group and everyone has blank paper and wide felt tip markers, I'd have them write the answer, do something like fold their hands on top of the paper when they are done writing, and after everyone has finished all hold up their answers. More interesting to look at for the participants.
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