Gift delivery in Santiago, Chile?
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I have a friend in Santiago, Chile, to whom I would like to send a little 'thinking of you during this time' gift. I don't want to go the international route (e.g. Amazon) as from previous experience this can take months. I would love to order something online from a local maker there who could deliver (by post or in person); I have checked Etsy but there's not a lot. My Spanish is very rusty which hampers my googling. Any suggestions?
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This shop is doing free delivery for Santiago and has a variety of what you might be looking for. It looks like deliveries are delayed due to COVID-19, though.

This shop is similar.

For search terms, You can try “hecho a mano santiago chile” but you will also see some craft/materials shops mixed in with makers and larger shops like the link above.

A lot of individual folks use Facebook rather than having their own website, btw. Feel free to MeMail me with specifics for recommendations/help.
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Have you considered purchasing something locally and shipping it to Chile yourself? I too would not trust a random seller on Amazon to ship a purchase internationally in a timely manner but I think UPS and Fedex are still working fairly reliably.
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