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All of the outlets in our kitchen stopped working this morning. What else can I try before getting our property manager or an electrician involved?

As of last night, everything was working normally. This morning, none of the three outlets in the kitchen are working. Everything else is fine, including the major kitchen appliances (which are on separate circuit breakers). Here's what I've tried:

- Plugging various appliances and gadgets into all of the different outlets
- Pressing the GFCI reset button on the one kitchen outlet that has one
- Pressing the GFCI reset button on the one in the bathroom
- Resetting the circuit breaker for the room
- Resetting the circuit breakers for the microwave and fridge
- Resetting all of the other circuit breakers in the apartment, including the main one
- Waiting for it to fix itself as mysteriously as it broke

For obvious reasons I want to avoid having another person in here unless it's completely necessary. Is there anything else I could try that I haven't thought of?

This is a 100-year-old apartment building but all the electrics stuff looks pretty new: 3-prong outlets everywhere, modern (and correctly labeled!) circuit breaker panel..
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To reset a circuit breaker you need to press it toward off and then toward on. Did you do that? You are also on the right track in thinking one GFCI outlet can control other outlets.
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Yes, I flipped them off and on. The breaker for the kitchen outlets was never tripped, there was just no power.
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What state is the test and reset button of the GFI in the kitchen? If you push the test button, does it trip the reset button on the outlet? Or does the reset button go all the way in with no click?

GFI outlets do eventually go bad.
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I meant to say what state are those buttons in.
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Okay, I tried the GFI reset button again and I guess I wasn't pressing hard enough before because this time it went click and now everything works! The Instant Pot and I thank you!
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Metafilter is so good. (And the GFI was my husband's answer, too.)
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