Best online courses to learn Google Analytics
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What are the best online courses to learn google analytics? I know Google has their own free course, but are there better ones out there? I have a professional development budget at work so the course does not have to be free.
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No need. You’re cart before horse until you’ve taken and passed the GAIQ.
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The free course by Google is the best one I've found.
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I've helped train several people in GA and use it daily, the Google Analytics Academy is by far the best place to start. GAIQ would come later, and most of it isn't relevant unless you're an admin/data scientist etc, for basic reporting the Academy stuff will do.
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Yep, I second (third?) all of the above recs for Google Analytics Academy. I produce online courses and at one point we were considering doing one on GA, but after evaluating GAA, we decided that there were some inherent advantages in that platform which would be hard to compete with (in addition to the fact that the curriculum is well designed).

Most specifically, Google provides real data for people to use and gives them direct access to the system (a bit of an oversimplification, but that's basically the idea.)

If it were me, I would take the free GAA course and go as far as you can with it, and then use your budget to look for and then take a 1-1 class or find a GA tutor, but one of the requirements should be that it must use "real" data from an actual website and not just dummy data or a simulation. Ideally, this 1-1 session would span over a period of a month or so (which is why a tutor is a good idea) because a huge part of understanding GA is being able to measure the effects of changes you make over time. A one or two day class or workshop will by definition always be an incomplete education.
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