Can I eat this:beef hot dogs
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I opened them only 24 hours ago but now there are some strange Grayish spots on them?

I ate 2 last night and I didn’t feel the slightest stomach ache, but i was going to make them again tonight and there are spots on them. It’s only been 24 hours since I opened them and I opened them well before the use by date. They were stored in the crisper drawer. The are the Trader Joe’s organic uncured beef hot dogs. Thank you.
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Is it the grey discolouration of the meat itself (in which case eat) or something growing on it?

My guess is it's exposure to air since you opened the packet, but your pandemic is not my pandemic, please weigh up whether this is worth another trip to the store or at worst medical attention.
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It may just be fat congealed out of the juice that the 'dogs are packed in. If you run them under hot water, does it sluice off?

Or is it, like, dry and fuzzy spots? That'd be mold. :7(
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