Oh no virus don’t you brick my switch
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Where can I find the official Nintendo Switch dock? Or failing that, what third-party docks work well and won’t brick my Switch?

A friend of mine gifted me her old Switch after getting another one. Everything works great, but I only have the Switch plus controllers and charger. No dock. Which means I’m not able to hook it up to my television. I thought I’d be able to just go online and buy one from Amazon, etc. but I guess with the rash of people buying Switches they’re out of all the official ones. Even Nintendo is saying they’re out of stock and aren’t taking orders for physical products right now. I see a bunch of third-party docks, but also reports that many of those docks brick Switches since apparently Nintendo uses a weird implementation of USB-C. Do any of you know where I might find something that will work?
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Nintendo has been out of stock for docks for months now in the US. It's bizarre.

The thing about docks bricking the Switch was real, but limited to one very specific third party dock. I think any dock designed and sold recently probably won't brick your Switch. (The underlying problem is Nintendo cut a corner on the charging spec and a normal charger might send too much current in some circumstances).

However, I've tried a couple of docks and none quite worked. Specifically the generic Chinese dongle-style, no cradle or anything just the minimal connectors. Didn't work at all. I finally landed on Best Buy's Insignia Dock. It mostly works but sometimes when I wake it from sleep it doesn't get an HDMI signal to my TV and I have to remove the Switch from the dock and reinsert it to get it working. Sometimes it works fine. Not ideal, but it's OK.
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I somewhat hate that Best Buy dock, which I also have and it hasn't bricked my Switch. For me, if I make sure to turn on the Switch before I turn on the TV, it usually works fine. If I forget, I have to switch inputs and come back. OMG, what a pain. I'm kind of serious about that.

But $50 vs $70 at normal prices is worth the "hassle", to me. Certainly vs the $180 I just saw on Amazon. Do people have no shame?
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This cable is on sale at Best Buy and seems to have great reviews.
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The Best Buy Insignia dock is totally fine, have not noticed any issues and I prefer it to the original for portability, actually.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I went with the Best Boy dock so crossing fingers!
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