Can I look up domains by "Registry Domain ID"?
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I'd like to look up a domain registration by "Registry Domain ID" and understand the implications of that ID

For the .com and .net domains, there is an associated Registry Domain ID in the form [shortish-to-longish-string-of-numerals_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN]

I'm curious if there is a way I can search for the registration by this ID.
I'm curious if the meaning of the string of numeral is documented.
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The field "Registry Domain ID:" refers to the Repository Object Identifier (ROID) for the Domain Name object as specified in RFC 5730 (called Domain ID in Specification 4 of the Registry Agreement). For example, a Registrar could obtain the ROID from the Registry via EPP and cache the information locally after creating or gaining a domain name via a transfer.

RFC 5730 is the definition for Extensible Provisioning Protocol, which domain registries and registrars use to communicate.

As best as I can tell this ID is meaningless. The RFC simply specifies
   Repository Object IDentifier type.
     <simpleType name="roidType">
       <restriction base="token">
         <pattern value="(\w|_){1,80}-\w{1,8}"/>
as the definition.
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Long story short it's a simple unique identifier used to reference a domain name, rather than using the domain name itself. The database terminology is surrogate key.
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It's a number assigned by Verisign, which operates the authoritative registry for those top level domains. Absent other information, I'd assume it's serial by date of registration.
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