Free courses to build online teaching skills (undergrad focused)
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I'm going to have some time on my hands, so I'm looking for free online training courses that focus on building skills for teaching online with undergrads. Areas of interest include online pedagogy/instructional design in general, as well as the following topic areas among others: climate change, social science, qualitative methods/ethnography, technology/society/ethics, history of technology, communication, and so on. Thank you!

Currently looking at juniors and seniors. Some kind of certificate would be a plus. I'm not so much interested in "how to be a better Canvas user," as I have a few years' experience here and I'm comfortable, and anyway I'd rather stay away from adopting the bells-and-whistles, and focus on simply formatted and engaging content.
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It's probably too general, but maybe look around
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Not a certificate. Not a conventional course. Not grounded in tech, but grounded in pedagogy. Online Learning in a Hurry is from people who have been doing it for a long time.
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Digital Pedagogy Lab has the critical ethical piece. Jesse Stommel has been an important voice in critical digital pedagogies.
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