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The most obscene and offensive gift wrapping paper imaginable. Where can I get some?

I'm doing up a really special gift for a great friend of mine and I believe some jaw-dropping gift wrap is in order. Where do I get it online? I've googled, but apparently my search terms aren't up to snuff, because while I get all sorts of websites with *wild* images for sale, none of them are printed on wrapping paper! Any ideas?
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googling for "offensive wrapping paper" (in quotes) turned up this
posted by nomad at 12:00 PM on March 15, 2006

Wrap hell?
posted by essexjan at 12:01 PM on March 15, 2006

T-Shirt Hell
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Something like this?
posted by meerkatty at 12:02 PM on March 15, 2006

i was going to say wraphell from tshirthell also...
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Why not just wrap it in gay porn?
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This is just raunchy, rather than offensive I'm afraid.

On preview: This is a bit lame.
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I guess straight porn would be offensive too.... ;)
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Archie McPhee's is a great place for all things tacky. I doubt these will fill your offensive criteria, but it is worth a look. Their creepy clown wrapping paper is bizarre. Who doesn't want their gift wrapped in bacon or Jesus? Just search on "gift wrap" and see what comes up.
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Or this?
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hentai on newsprint could be nastier and cheaper than photo-porn.
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I wrap gifts in magazine pages after removing the staples. Pick an offensive publication and apply with liberal amounts of scotch tape. It also saves the trouble of having tons of different wrapping paper that you'll never use again.
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There are lots of dicks on this page (and hey, Santa too).
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Googling "wrapping paper" x-rated brings up many alternatives as well.
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I have given people gifts wrapped in toilet paper that I covered with brown stains. They were suitably offended, and only actually touched the gift once I assured them that the stains were not real. Needless to say, this is among the least expensive offensive options.
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Not sure what floats sinks your boat, so follow alms' DIY lead: Google for the nastiest images conceivable, and print your own. (If you're especially proficient, insert recipient's face into your porny party pic.)
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It would really depend on what the recipient considers "obscene". Several years ago, I wrapped my family's Christmas presents in Hannukah paper (it was so pretty! And the only other paper available at the shop had images of He-Man, Master of the Universe on it).

They still bring it up. Not in a good way. I really hadn't intended to press the boundaries of my family's tolerance/sacred traditions, but apparently, they had extremely strong opinions about Christmas paper design. I guess I should have chosen the He-Man wrapping paper.
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I once stole a roll of biohazard tape from a lab I worked in, and wrapped people's Christmas gifts in brown paper sealed with biohazard tape.
Most people saw the funny side, but I wouldn't advise sending anything like that in the post - I had to mail one of the gifts, and when the outer wrapping tore, it led to some awkward questions...
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