I Am Once Again Asking for Your Hip Hop Mix Suggestions
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It's been 10 years to the day since I asked this question but quite a bit has changed since then. Many of the links from the post are dead and while I still love 90's hip hop, I've grown to enjoy hip hop from the '00's, & '10's too. Please suggest your favorite hip hop mixes (and DJs) from the '90's, '00's, & '10's - lil' more background after the jump!

As in the original question, I'm looking for mixes by DJs who've got great taste in music and are skilled at mixing . Any and all hip hop artists, instrumental genres, and R&B are welcome.

Share links if you got them, DJ names, mix albums, websites, whatever!

Thank you and stay safe!
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Best answer: one of my go-to sources is Wefunk Radio, which has hip hop, soul, and funk mixes. Just a ton of reliable music, with old shows archived too.

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Best answer: The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show mixes are what I'd go looking for on YouTube. The best classic NYC 90s hip-hop. Here's one great example.
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Does it have to be mixed? Do Spotify playlists work? @Naima on Twitter does great ones.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include Questlove in here. He's done some great recent live sets on YT to raise money for NYC Foodhub. Most of these are themed, not that many are hiphop specific. A couple to mention:
Mish Mosh (mostly breaks)
Hip Hop Deep Cuts
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For those who are looking to learn more about hip hop I wanted to share Hip-Hop Evolution. This four part documentary series is hosted by Canadian hip hop artist Shad and is available on Netflix. I believe it was released internationally.
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