Toy research, early 60's
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I have a couple of grainy images of cool toys. How can I find out more about them?

I recently sent some slide archives out to get scanned. While looking through them I found a couple of poor quality shots of toys my brother and I had as kids. When I do google searches I don't come up with anything like these items.

Is there a forum or site where I can find out more about them? Here are a couple of images. Unfortunately really poor quality.

Toy 1 is a kind of moon rocket, bulbous in shape that had a crane that came out of it. Toy 2 is a kind of robot that had wheels and could make a squawking noise as it rolled along.

Nothing vitally important here, just idle curiosity about these things.
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Toy 1 I believe was called the "Astro Base", and I think it was circa 1960-62?

See wiki:
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Astrobase on YouTube
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Could the robot toy be the Mr. Machine Toy Robot?
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Yes, toy 2 is a Mr Machine. I'd recognise that cheeky nose and top hat anywhere. The Mr didn't really make a squawking noise, more like a geared noise as his wind-up wound down.
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Is also really good at identifying things
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Response by poster: That is so awesome. The Astrobase is quite a gizmo.

Long as we're at this, I've put a third toy image up there, a console kind of shooter gizmo. Thanks for the information and links.
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From Timewarp toys, its a Fighter Jet by Ideal Toys. You may need to scroll down a bit to see it.
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Here's an ebay link.
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There is a subreddit called, I believe, what is this toy or ID this toy.
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