Musical Note?
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Is there a transcription of this musical postcard by Debussy? Or, better yet, has anyone recorded it?
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Best answer: It's hard to make out exactly what some of the notes are, and without a tempo marking, who knows what he intended it to sound like. Plus, there are a couple things that don't make sense. His key signature is written strangely. There's a little flat, but it's in the wrong spot if he meant the key to have three flats. That run of notes is ten 32nd notes, so the first note would need to be a double-dotted quarter note. The second note of the second measure looks like it has a flat in front of it, but that note is already flattened by the key signature. So maybe he meant the no before it to be E natural.

So, I loaded into my notation program, set the tempo to 100 BPM and used a flute sound, and this should hopefully be close to what he intended.

This should be pretty close

There's also a good chance that what he wrote was more for visual purposes, since it's kind of an odd-sounding but of music.
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