Best price on Vitamin C tablets, prefer mail online order.
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I take a multivitamin daily. B complex daily. get micro-nutrients/minerals from pink sea salt dissolved in water. This whole COVID-19 thing got me looking for vitamin C. Had vitamin C ordered, paid for, magically they didn't have it any longer.

I turned to Amazon, to eBay, Walmart, all are impossible to figure what is best price for 1000 milligram, because they all have different size bottles, different number of pills, some have only 500 milligram, they are mixed with rose hips (What the hell?) (or was it pigs lips) Amazon in particular impossible to find what I'm paying, Brand A vs Brand B.

I found no way to find just vitamin C and not over-pay.

So: Vitamin C. Best Price.Preferably not sugared down. Preferably online.
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$130 for 11 lbs of vitamin c. I’m sure you can get cheaper if you want to spend some time googling “vitamin c”+ “bulk”. Your $/mg for this sort of product is going to be far cheaper than anything you’d purchase in tablet form.
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Walgreens often has buy one get one free deals on vitamins or sometimes it is get the second half off. Their website also usually gives the per pill price.
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Does it have to be a tablet? I say this because Emergen-C contains 1000mg of Vitamin C per sachet. CVS does an equivalent at a much cheaper price which I always stock up on when I'm in the USA (I can't link to the CVS website, as it's not available in Europe.) It tastes nice and also has lots of other vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
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I get mine at Costco. I have been buying chewables, but they seem to have a disproportionate impact on my blood sugar, so I'm going to switch to non-chewables, which Costco also sells. $23 CAD, shipped, for 500 of 1000mg tabs. The link is to Costco Canada; US stores are out of stock.

I have had a number of recent experiences of places assuring me that the item I wanted was in stock, even that it had shipped, and then cancelling the order because they didn't have it at all. One place sent me an email asking for a review of my shopping experience after cancelling my order. Those are not places I will go back to.
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Vitacost has been doing a great job, in my opinion, of keeping up with orders for everything that's suddenly massively popular. Despite the "restocking" notice on their vitamin C landing page, many products do look available (the "add" button goes away when they're out). Even when something I wanted was backordered, however, they still got it out to me promptly. I mention this all just in case you don't actually want to spend $130 optimizing this problem. :) They for example have a 1lb tub for $15.26, which would almost see you through to the end of the year at the suggested dose, and isn't a hugely different price per pound unless you actually are prepared to deal with it in bulk amounts.
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(Shoot, sorry, it's the 3lbs for 38.86 that's in stock at the moment.)
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Best answer: iHerb has 21st Century, C-1000, Prolonged Release, 110 Tablets at 5.87/bottle; 4 bottles for $21.13 (10% discount) crosses the "$20" boundary for free shipping.
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Response by poster: And it's furtive_jacksnapes for the win! Just set up account at iHerb, ordered four bottles 1000 mg, problem solved.

Thank you MetaFilter!
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