Nintendo Switch game data storage?
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Noob Switch question: I'm confused by how saved game data is handled. I get that the data is stored on the Switch and not the game's cartridge. Do I have do anything special to save a game's data when I change to a new game? We got a Switch last year and have only been playing BotW. We just got Mario Odyssey but I want to make sure I don't accidentally overwrite our saved Zelda data when I change game cartridges.
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Best answer: Nope, just make sure that you've saved the game before switching (or otherwise closing the game). The internal storage is also used for games that you download, so that's more likely to use up your storage space. You can (and probably should) add an SD card if you want, and manage where everything is stored. Saved game data won't be much of a risk.
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Best answer: What Huffy Puffy said. The only thing you have to keep in mind when switching cartridges is that the game on the first cartridge should be closed before removing it. Of course, that means you should take any necessary actions before closing the game, such as saving. Different games will save to different files in your Switch's internal storage, so one game's save file will not override another's.
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A little more information: all game save data lives on your Switch. If you have an SD card (Micro SD, I think), then new games you download will download to the card, but saves stay on the Switch regardless.

Zelda save files are supposedly about 64MB. Your internal storage is about 32 GB—you don’t get to use all of that, but still, you should be A-OK.
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