Seeking stories about adoptees adopting their own kids
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I'm married to an adoptee, and we'd like to adopt a child. I'd like to learn about other adoptees' experiences adopting their own kids.

My husband and I have been together for 10+ years and we are thinking about adopting children. Neither of us have ever been that interested in having biological children, but we'd still like to grow our family. My husband, as an adoptee himself, feels he is uniquely equipped to parent an adopted child.

We're doing our research about adoption overall, but I'm also particularly looking for any stories that share the experiences of adoptees who adopted their own children, either from the parent or child's POV. I've found this a challenging subject to Google (the redundancies in "adoptees who adopt" don't make for the best search results), so I thought I'd turn to MeFi for help.

Extra credit if any stories include transracial adoption from any dimension (my husband is a transracial adoptee and we probably wouldn't put any guardrails on the race of a child we'd adopt).
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Google Prue Leith - her daughter was adopted from Cambodia (transracial) and has recently adopted herself and they have both written and done tv about the experience.

I know it's fairly common but there isn't a specific term for it.
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Fosterhood is one!
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My sister and I were adopted, my mom was adopted, and my dad was the only one not adopted. Growing up (I’m pushing 40), we were taught that biological connections weren’t important; it’s all about who raises you. My mom hated her birthparents for giving her up so had no interest in them; my sister and I didn’t feel that way.

One thing that helped normalize it when we were children was being part of an adopted families group, where all the kids were adopted. And since the majority of my family was adopted too, I never really thought about it. When I got older, I realized biological connections were a real thing.
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Oh whoops, you’re looking for stories, not anecdotes. Feel free to delete me!
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John Raible
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