Diet Tracking Software for Pocket PC
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Need diet-tracking sofware for Pocket PC.

I need to lower my cholesterol and lose weight. I'd like recommendations for diet-tracking software for my Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC. I need software that will let me set a calorie goal and target levels of various nutrients (for example, less than 200 mg cholesterol a day, more than 20 g fiber, etc.). The program should have a database with the nutritional components of lots of foods, and allow me to add my own foods.

I've tried Pocket Diet Tracker and it continually messed up my Axim. I could possibly use a Palm-only program under an emulator, but I'd rather not. I'd like to hear from anyone who regularly uses an easy-to-use diet tracker on a Pocket PC. Exercise tracking capability is a plus but not required.
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Best answer: Well, I know of an application called MyPersonalDiet that is supposed to help you monitor your diet. They also have an app called MySportTraining that has an addin that let's you track your food intake. I've used MySportsTraining and it's fairly easy and cheap.

If not one of those then maybe something else on their site?
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Response by poster: Thanks, bDiddy. MyPersonalDiet looks exactly like what I want. You saved me a lot of time searching around. I sure wish they had a free trial, though.
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You may have tried already, but I'd try to download it and install it. There may be a window of time to try it out before you have to purchase a serial number. Give it a shot.
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Response by poster: Yes, I discovered that there's a 10-day trial. I installed it tonight and will give it a try. I'm impressed that the developers provided a user's guide in PDF format that I could download.
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