Knitting filter: how to make stockinette stitch tighter
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I seem to remember a technique that involved doing the WS purls differently and then the RS knits differently to put the yarn back in the correct orientation, and this resulted in purls with less fabric, thereby making the finished fabric tighter. But I can't find this online for the life of me.

I feel like it was explained in a tutorial by someone like Andrea Rangel, but I can't find it on her website. But I could be remembering incorrectly. Thank you for your help! As you can imagine, searching 'tight stockinette stitch' results in people talking about how their fabric has tension problems.
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When you do the purl side, use a smaller needle to pick up the stitches? I'm right handed so when I turn to do the purl stitches, I switch to a smaller needle, one to two sizes smaller for my right hand.
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Not sure if this helps, but I think I've read that "knitting backwards" on the RS rather than turning and purling on the WS results in tighter tension.
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Hm, I saw a youtube thing on "combination knitting" where you pull the yarn under your purls instead of over and I think in effect it was reversing the loops and made the fabric tighter. Might that be it?
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Best answer: Was it this: tighter purls, by Ysolda Teague?
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I have had some luck tightening up my purls by switching to Norwegian purling - I can't remember which tutorial I learned on but there are a bunch on Youtube. It keeps the yarn on the backside so it's very handy for ribbing and other alternating stitch patterns.
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Response by poster: These are all great answers! zeptoweasel, yes, that's where I saw this!
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For further research, this is called “rowing out,” which might make googling potential fixes easier.
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