Why can't I un-archive this Facebook Group that I help moderate?
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I am an assistant moderator of a Facebook group that serves a small, isolated community. I am logged in to Facebook, seeing my "Moderator" status (checked). I have my Adblock paused. I am not seeing any option to "un-archive" the group which gets archived every night. It's the 'classic' look Facebook. I should be seeing the "un-archive" option when I click the "MORE ..." below the group photo. But all it's offering me is "Find Support or Report Group" or "Create New Group".

I've worked through Facebook's HELP and it's not helping. I do notice that this same problem has happened to others in the past year and that Facebook's HELP has not resolved it.

The chief admin for the group is not available for the time being. He asked me to un-archive for him in the morning, which I have tried to do. This is the first time I've had to do an "un-archive".
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Best answer: "Moderators" do not have rights to archive/un-archive. Only Admins. You can't do this.
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Sorry, link - it's highlighted right at the top:

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Response by poster: thanks, brainmouse -- you nailed it. The admin thought he'd given me admin status but hadn't. The world kept spinning regardless.
posted by philip-random at 1:10 PM on May 17, 2020

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