How do I make a Kindle book with very simple interactive features?
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I'm trying to make an ebook in indesign with very simple buttons which just reveal text when you click on them. I've made it as a fixed layout epub, which works perfectly, but I'll need to upload it to Amazon and I can't get it to work on Kindle.

I've tried converting it to a mobi file using kindlegen, and I've tried exporting it as an interactive pdf and converting it using Kindle Create, but the buttons don't work. Is it possible to do this in Indesign? If not, is there other software I can use to make a simple interactive kindle book?
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Best answer: The software you want is Sigil. It is free, cross platform and does ePub 2 & 3. Once you get the ePub file working a treat then do a conversion using Calibre to mobi. See if that works.
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Best answer: As a Sigil user, I want to add that conversion to mobi might not work. If not, you should also (either with Calibre or kindlegen) attempt to convert it to azw3.
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