Poem for a late cat
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I remember, maybe 6-8 years ago, seeing someone write a poem for their late cat who was an asshole. I believe this was on a personal blog. I am fairly sure either the poem or the surrounding text said something about how their cat would have hated the idea of the rainbow bridge poem. What is this poem?
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oh woooow- thanks!!
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Wow, great poem. Thank you!
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Mic drop indeed.
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Best answer: I'm just trolling here, but have you considered Jubilate Agno ("For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry") from the 1700s as the ur version of this?
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Thanks, I'm including a copy of this in one of my next round of card mailings to my cat poet friends. Rainbow bridge my furry butt!
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(You might have seen it on mefi)
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That is brilliant. For anyone not in the UK, a Clinton's card is the equivalent of a Hallmark card.
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Best answer: First login in years in order to post this: Song for Sampson
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In a similar vein... the dog, for whom I feel nothing.
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