Free mail merge tool for Gmail & Google Sheets?
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Can you direct me to a FREE tool that will allow me to send a mail-merge message to an UNLIMITED number of recipients? The data required are in a Google Sheets document, and I need to send the message via Gmail.

I've searched AskMe and Google on this subject, and have found only outdated answers or proprietary sites pushing their own for-pay wares.

I am using Chrome on a Mac.

I have an occasional need to send name-customized email messages to approximately 300 members of a nonprofit organization. I would like to find a tool that can take data (just FirstName, LastName, Email) from a Google Sheets document and create those 300 personalized (Dear Fred; Dear Nancy; etc.) email messages. They need to be personalized because that one factor creates a MUCH higher rate of engagement and response than if this were a mass email.

I have found tools like GMass and Mail Meteor, and these would be great if I worked for an entity with the money to pay for a monthly subscription. These and other third-party tools do have free versions, but those free versions have (typically) a cap of 50 emails per day. At that rate, I'd need six days to send this message to everyone, but I needed to send it yesterday.

The most promising link I've found is a pretty current page for developers of Google plug-ins and products, which addresses this very question. But I get hung up on it because, first, I do not know how to do any coding whatsoever, and, second, because of Step 4 in its instructions:

"In the copied spreadsheet, click on custom menu item Mail Merge > Send Emails."

I can't get Google Sheets to display a custom menu item called Mail Merge, and can't figure out how to do so. I feel like if I could figure out THAT little thing, I might be able to send this message using the instructions on that page, but I can't seem to get over that barrier.

Can you help me, please, with either figuring out that "custom menu item" issue, above, or with finding a free, no-cap, Gmail- and Sheets-friendly mail merge tool? Thank yoU!
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Best answer: When I make a copy of that Sheet, I do get a Mail Merge option in the menu bar (it's to the right of Add-Ons and Help). What browser/OS are you using? I'm on Chrome, Windows 10.
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Response by poster: Oh! I copied that Sheet before, and did NOT get the "Mail Merge" option, but, now, on trying it again, I am seeing it. Curious but good. Lemme see if I can now follow the rest of the steps...


Holy crap! It worked! Wow!
Thanks for the nudge, EndsOfInvention!
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