Why would this FB post be so much more popular than others?
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My non-profit, social services employer has a Facebook page. Almost all the posts get about the same engagement. But this one got much more. How come? What data can I look at to figure this out?

So I work for a relatively large non-profit with a social media presence, but not a large or particularly savvy one. We post on FB regularly - 3-4 times weekly, sometimes more. Usually reposts of news pertaining to our field. We get pretty consistent engagement - I'd say about 300 reaches, 10 likes, a couple shares.

We also do more human interest pieces - about staff or clients - now and then. These get a little more traction, but not necessarily. But then this week we had one post that apparently got a lot more traction - had about 4 or 5 times the reach and engagement.

That said, I can't figure out why. Its a fine post - more human interest - but the likes and comments on the post are not significant. Its just the reach.

Why might this be, and where can I look (assuming in Insights) for more data that might explain why this post has so much more reach. Both causes of the reach, and how I could do the detective work would be appreciated.
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The most likely reason is that it happened to get shared by someone with a broader reach than you have - ie an influencer, in the older sense of the term.
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As per showbiz_liz, the most likely place to look would be the list of people who shared the post. You can rule out your regular sharers, and among the remaining ones you should find at least one new person with an enormous following.
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