Online step aerobics on the hardest setting?
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I've been really enjoying doing online exercise classes here in lockdown. It's got me thinking wistfully of the amazing step classes I used to go to 10, 15 years ago. These were not Les Mills Body Step, but fabulously intricate, dancey routines with complex choreography. It seems like Step is out of fashion these days, but is anyone creating online classes or an app that has this kind of content? I've googled, but haven't found much, and it mostly looks too plodding, repetitive and tame. I want something stylish, fast and difficult!

And bonus question - if Step really is old-fashioned now, what replaced it? It's the dance combined with the step that I really loved - thinking about it, it was probably that you had to get your footwork just right, or you'd miss the step/fall off. (I suppose rebounding is an obvious answer and I actually do have a rebounder, but really WOULD fall off if I did anything elaborate with my feet on that.) Dance classes are great but not what I'm looking for here I think?

I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks!
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Zumba is the big thing these days that incorporates dance... and they have versions that use step. Here's an advanced Zumba step routine... is this what you are looking for?
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The first thing I thought of was this which is of a couple doing step I think you’re talking about. I’m not sure if they made their routine but it’s a fun one to follow!
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Best answer: Also this was a step routine I used with a little more complicated footwork, and I see advanced step routines if I search YouTube if that might be what you’re looking for.
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Cathe Friedrich!
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Best answer: Yeah Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil is perfect for what you're looking for. It's HARD!
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Response by poster: Oh yes that Xtreme Hip Hop is the kind of thing I’m looking for, thanks! Any other suggestions please keep them coming!
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I've been dance-exercising at home to The Fitness Marshall, and it is a really good, fun workout! The modern poppy/clubby music really keeps me motivated. :D
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