Can President Trump unilaterally ban funding to the WHO?
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Can President Trump unilaterally ban funding to the WHO? Where are the 'checks and balances'?
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Best answer: From what I have read, this year's funding was a specific appropriation and Trump can't cut it off. Next year's funding could be stopped via the budget process, and Trump already has Republicans lining up to do this.

Lot's of discussion can be found on Twitter, searching for WHO, Funding, Appropriation.
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Like many of the other things he tweets, the president does not have as much power over this as his bloviating would imply, at least for now. This year's budget has already been appropriated until September 30.

Republicans were already chomping after the WHO funding (along with most other international aid); if anything the current crisis makes that less politically viable for anyone but the true believers.
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NPR reports: "It's unclear whether the president has the authority to unilaterally halt funding for an international institution such as the WHO. Congressional Democrats have argued he doesn't.

But The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the White House budget office has concluded that Trump has several options for withholding the funds without congressional approval, including ordering agencies to reroute the money to other related purposes."
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Best answer: For what it's worth, I worked in international development/humanitarian sector the past couple of years and Trump was kind of consistently zero-ing out funding to various arms of USAID in his budget requests while making a lot of noise about it (especially just after his election), and then in the end since it is Congress that approves appropriations and there is actually a decent amount of bipartisan support in that area, the budget cuts were way less than he made noise about, or even increased budget in some areas (cut off aid to certain countries though for instance I believe Palestine and a few central or south American countries). I wouldn't be super surprised if a similar thing happens in this case.

We already knew it but this man is so freaking shameless....

I had the same question though, going to check out some of the links people included. Also not surprised to hear there might be administrative methods for him to interfere more.
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The US is not paying its contributions to WHO anyway, so what difference does it make?
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Response by poster: So many thanks to all respondents. They are much appreciated!
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