How do I Reverse Hack the Election?
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I'm considering building a consortium of individuals who will spread True Memes to Combat Trump and the Extreme Right in a manner similar to Russian or other Election Monkeywrenchers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, probably not video. How did Russians hack the election; what can I learn and where can I learn it? Budget: 0, of course.

Right now, I have limited mobility and no spare funds. I am in an fb group with similar people who want to campaign. This is a How To question, not a US Politics or POTUS#45 discussion.
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Best answer: I'm just riffing off of an item I read today at ElectoralVote, but you might try creating (organizing groups to create) videos to combat the noise coming from Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, and Prager "University" on YouTube. According to the analysis given, this is a real weak point in the overall Democratic game plan.
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Best answer: Watch the HBO documentary After Truth.
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I don't think combating misinformation with "true memes" really does anything. The other side is angry and proud and they won't admit they're wrong. They want to be angry. What has worked? And, hold on, because this is the dark side I'm talking about - is making them angry at something else that negates or lessens their actual intent.

It was used effectively in the race against Roy Moore by getting GOP folks angry about teetotaling in Alabama. (STORY)

And it worked and had an impact.

So what would really be effective is to pick out some key part of the GOP coalition in a swing state and get a subset angry at someone. Maybe a local county election commissioner. They won't turn on Trump. They won't. But they will on him. So you make a video that says they're "refusing mail in ballots unless you put TWO stamps on the envelope and THAT means your Trump vote won't count" (or some other actual infraction). And get old people angry at Commissioner Hardaway. Some of them will be disgusted with the process by the election. Maybe protest vote. Or stay home. Or demand expanded voting which, in the end, helps everyone.

But to me, the numbers say that's a better use of your time - evil or not. Or you could just register for Get Out The Vote efforts to turn out the voters on your side on Election Day. That HAS been proven to be effective and they could always use more volunteers for that.
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Best answer: This is not exactly what you are looking for, but: for folks who have no money or mobility but are interested in volunteering from home to move the election, SwingLeft might have some good opportunities for action that can make a real difference.
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Best answer: The MassMove subreddit has like minded people.
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One of the big factors was that a lot (I mean, A LOT) of money went into targeted advertising to find specific groups of people, and advertise propaganda at them. You can collect as many good-hearted souls as you like, but I doubt that you'll achieve an equal to that with simple virality - even if you can go viral to begin with. These crooks are good at what they do, plus they're state-sponsored, and very well-funded.

I'm going to agree with Riley (might be the first time ever?), and say work on getting out the vote. It's almost certainly a better use of your time.
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Best answer: I am very intrigued by this question and have been thinking about it a lot myself! check your memail : )
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Response by poster: It may not do very much, but it's what I can do, so thanks to those who answered the question.
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