Can I get a housecall for my cat in Seattle?
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My cat's health has been deteriorating the past couple months, and we've reached the point where my vet is suggesting euthanasia. Going to the clinic really stresses the little guy out, and with the pandemic, I wouldn't even be able to go inside with him. Are there any mobile vets who would come to my apartment in Seattle so he can have a more peaceful end of life?
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Looks like there is! When we had to put down our last cat, we had a mobile vet recommended to us by our vet for just this thing. The woman who came was sensitive and very professional. It was so great to have this done at hard as that is. We had an option of receiving back cremains as well. I'd look to your vet for a recommendation first. I'm so sorry you are going through this.
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Response by poster: My vet recommended Compassion 4 Paws, but with the pandemic, they're only operating outdoors and won't come to apartments.

I've also called Montgomery Mobile and am waiting for a call back.

I'm asking this in the hopes that I don't spend all day making calls that end in disappointment, so I'd really appreciate specific recommendations.
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Response by poster: I made an appointment for tomorrow with Lap of Love. If anyone has had experience with that company, I'd be interested to hear, but assuming nothing exceptional happens between now and then I think I'm all set.
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I'm not in your area, but we also have Lap of Love here, and that is who our regular vet recommended when I asked. (We haven't had to go through with it yet, just getting prepared.) Our vet is a feline-only practice we've been going to for more than a decade and I trust their recommendation completely. I would/will be doing the same thing in your situation even without the pandemic, just in order to have it done at home.

Sorry :(
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we used:
House Pet Vet Visits

they did a great job.
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Laps of Love helped my brother’s elderly dog cross over. They were wonderful. They knew it was coming about 6 weeks out and called ahead to get all the info, etc. So when it was time, it took one call and the vet was there within thirty minutes. She was extremely caring and explained everything. Made the whole ordeal as easy as it could have been. I was planning to use them for my pup but then we had an emergency situation come up. I’m sorry that you will be going through this soon, it’s very hard.
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I had a great experience with Lap of Love in WA and am so glad we didn't have to say goodbye in a vet's office.
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Everything about Lap of Love is amazing. It is the way everyone should be able to say goodbye to their pet.
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