Looking for great music shows
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I'm looking for live streaming or podcast style music shows. The perfect show would: feature a unique style of music, played as a whole set, with high quality audio, minor explicit content, and a host who loves the music. Is it the weekly classic banjo show? Maybe it features 80s pop from South Africa, or the freshest Japanese hip hop. A few examples inside.

I'd like to make a schedule for live shows to tune in to through the week, but podcasts work great too. Sound quality is really important to me. I know that's not always an option, though.

Looking for shows like jazz with Bob Parlocha, project Friday, the future beats show, or maybe dj sets like tycho at burning man.

Personally I'm into lofi, Electronica, folk, and jazz. I really love a great mix, where all the songs flow into each other. Also, a host who doesn't fill up space with yapping, but has a great voice when they do.

Especially looking for female shows, poc shows etc.
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Best answer: I get to recommend my favorite show again: Celtic Heartbeat on BBC Radio Wales. The host is a man but he plays lots of women artists and the content is family friendly. The BBC radio site has many, many shows subdivided by genre. The folk shows I have listened to are hosted by real enthusiasts, often musicians themselves. I expect the same applies to their other music categories.
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Response by poster: Oh, if it's a live show, could you please say what time it airs? Thanks!
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Best answer: You can't go wrong with Boiler Room!
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Best answer: Sophisticated Boom-Boom with DJ Sheila B. every Friday from 3 to 6pm (EST) on WFMU. "Female-fronted pop from the past, present, and future; from all over the globe. And the occasional man."

"Sure enough, every week Sophisticated Boom Boom serves up a full and satisfying smorgasbord, with one representative recent show encompassing Aldous Harding, FKA Twigs and The Three Degrees, alongside France Gall, Kero Kero Bonito, Billie Holiday and Ruby & the Romantics. It’s one of contemporary radio’s real delights, a giddy rush of tunefulness framed by Sheila’s genuine, ardent passion for the music as well as her willingness to get the concerns of the week off her chest."—We Are Cult
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Blogotheque has lots of live recordings, of both songs and longer sets.
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Best answer: Clifton's Republic is hosting an amazing set Fridays and Saturdays 9-midnight Pacific time. Eclectic, romantic, different.
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Best answer: Celtic Heartbeat airs Sundays at 19:00. I think they would be 6 hours ahead of Central Time. The shows are available for one month after broadcast.
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You can't go wrong with WFMU or WWOZ (100% listener-supported) New Orleans jazz, blues, Cajun, world, etc.

Also check out Gladys Palmera's podcasts of Latin and world music old and new.
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Best answer: You may enjoy Afropop, hosted by Georges Collinet.
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