Mediator/lawyer in MA for unmarried/queer couple splitting up
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A dear friend is splitting up with her partner and needs help. I'd really like to help her by finding a mediator or lawyer (preferably in the Boston area, but anywhere in MA is okay) who has experience with or specializes in working with queer/unmarried people splitting up. Details within.

They are both women, have two children, and are not married. Her partner makes much more money than she does and paid for their house (though they were together when she bought it). She's claiming my friend has no right to any of their property.

As far as I can google, it sounds like unmarried couples may very well have no rights to property in MA (common-law marriage is not recognized here) but that custody and child support is treated the same as it is with married couples (they are both legal parents to both kids) -so she may lose her house but still get awarded joint custody and child support.

All of this is awful and magnified by the fact that they are stuck in quarantine together and I'd really like to take this one thing (research) off her hands. Any leads to specific people or general resources would be greatly appreciated!
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Check your memail.
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