Is there such a thing as a video looping app?
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Is there an Android app that'll let me record video of myself playing an instrument, then record another video alongside it with accompaniment on another instrument?

The end result would be a Zoom-style video of several combined performances. This kind of video is a mainstay of Youtube/Tik-tok, etc., but I might be massively underestimating the processing power required. If not an app, what software is needed to do this? Thanks so much.
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AcapellaApp may be what you’re looking for?
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If you want to get crazy with it, you could use audition to mix the multi track audio and premiere to mash up all the video, but yes that’s a lot of processing power (and software/hardware expense).
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Response by poster: It looks like Acapella is iOS only, sadly.
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I can give a specific recommendation, but I think you want to search on "video mixer".
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I’m pretty sure most of these are made with Premier, Final Cut, etc, on a desktop/laptop. In a pinch I think I could get it done in Blender’s video sequence editor If I needed a free tool, but it would be a bit of a PITA. I know you’re looking for Android tools, but could you copy your video recordings to a PC instead?
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There are many types of Apps available in the market. You can even hire a freelancer to create a new app. Creating the App is only part of the problem. Once you make the Loop, you need a vehicle or network to keep the loop alive.
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