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There seem to be a lot of unreliable ratings on some of the weighted blanket websites. Do you have a weighted blanket that you really like? How heavy is it compared to your body weight? If it matters, this is for a young person who weighs about 120 pounds.
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I have two Gravity brand weighted blankets. I love mine. The ratio I heard is 10% of your body weight. That is what I have. I would buy from Gravity again.
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I got mine from Melissa's. It is less than 10% of my weight and it feels very heavy. I recommend Melissa's because of the price and the quality.
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I have one that's a bit under 10% of my body weight and it was heavy enough that it took a while to adjust to.

It didn't feel like much to lift or to lie under for a few minutes, but it builds up, if that makes sense. I had to work up to being able to sleep under it, and there were times I worried it would be too much for me.

I'm autistic and like heavy pressure a lot.
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I have a twin size weighted blanket that is (checks order history) Lacorde brand - it’s not currently available on Amazon but that’s where I got it. mine is 15 lbs and I absolutely love it. (For body weight percentage reference, I weigh about 250 lbs).

I very much recommend getting one that a) has a removable washable cover and b) is quilted so that the glass beads stay in their little areas and don’t shift around too much.
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I love my weighted blanket! I don't have it with me so I can't share the brand, but I basically went to wirecutter and bought the best rate one that felt affordable to me. I am 130 pounds and the blanket is 20. If anything, I wish it were heavier.
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10% of your body weight is the max for young children to use safely but for adults you don't have to worry about that. I use a 20 lb blanket (I'm 160 lbs) and I love it. I started with a 15 lb one but it was a bit short on my legs (I'm 5'11") so got a bigger size and upgraded to a heavier blanket. It really comes down to preference, so if this person has an opportunity to try out different weights that might be best. Otherwise most people seem to go for around 10-15.

The first blanket I bought from a small store that has since gone out of business. The second one I bought from Amazon for pretty cheap; I've only had it for 4 months but it's held up well.
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I have this one (it's out of stock on Amazon at the moment but they have a website). I am about 118 lbs and I have the 12lb weight. I specifically wanted this one because it has a washable duvet cover, otherwise I was fairly brand agnostic when deciding on my purchase. I did purchase that weight based on the 10% advisement.

12lbs is perfect for me to in terms of pressure and weight. When I first got it, it felt TOO heavy and caused me some anxiety until I got used to it. I imagine that perhaps I could get used to heavier but don't see any benefit since 12lbs works for me.
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Bearby Tree Napper. I really enjoy it.
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Etsy seller Red Barn Blankets. I chose hers because they were available in slightly longer sizes. I love mine.
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I bought one from Helix last week— it’s 20lb and I weigh 180. I really enjoy it so far....
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I use a 20 lb blanket (I'm 160 lbs) and I love it.

Just wanted to chime in here as someone who was sleeping with heavy blankets before I knew it was a thing. I just have really heavy blankets. I weighed them once and they're a little under 25 lbs and I am ~140. My sister got me a weighted blanket from these people and it's also really great but since I am mostly fine with the super-heavy pile of blankets I haven't totally shifted over.
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I have one fairly generic weighted blanket from Amazon that’s fine, and my husband has one from Sensonest on Etsy that is wonderful! The weight is small glass beads, rather than larger pellets, which makes it much more comfortable if you happen to roll over in it. The other thing that made me select that particular shop is that their blankets come in plain colors and are just sturdy cotton fabric with no batting or other added warmth. It makes the blanket a lot more versatile if you plan it use it in bed, since you can just use it with your usual quilts/blankets without having to adjust temperature. They’re also narrower than a typical blanket so work great to cover just one person without extra getting in the way. For both of ours, we went with the 10% of body weight recommendation and it seems about right.
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Seconding Bearaby Tree Napper. It’s a very open weave that lets me use a heavy weighted blanket without overheating. Pricey but I’ve never slept so well as an adult.
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