Online euchre playing options (aka midwesterners on lockdown)
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Are there remote card game playing options? My mom wants to play euchre with us.

Looking for a way to play euchre (the card game) across three households in lockdown.

-One person only has access to a phone, no laptop, so looking for options that can be accessed on mobile only or (ideally) mobile or computer.

-Would love something that had both the game as well as a videochat (or just chat) option. But not totally required.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Best answer: Trickster Cards is the best site I've found for hosting an online card game with your friends. You create a room and a room code and send the link to your friends. The interface is nice. No video chat. Has Euchre.
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Response by poster: Trickster Cards looks good! Thanks!
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