Should I submit my Medium article to a publication that contacted me?
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I am a first-time writer on Medium and very new to the platform. A large publication – The Startup – got in touch and asked me to submit. I assume this is good news! But I’m new to the platform and want to make sure I understand and pros and cons before I say yes.

A few questions

1) Are there any disadvantages to being in a publication that I should know of?

2) For example, would being in a publication in any way interfere with people being able to find the article? (The article is already curated and behind Medium’s metered paywall). I assume people who have the old url can can still reach it. Can I stil share "friends link" to bypass the paywall? I have a reasonably okay network of my own, and I’d want to make sure all those people can still reach it.

3) I assume if I’m in The Startup, I can’t also be in other publications. Is that right? Should I be pitching to other publications? Is there some better place I should try to be? Some place that would be a better match for my story. One other publication- which seems like a less great match - has already gotten in touch.

4) On balance, given the pros and cons (if there are any) - what would you do in this situation?

My goals are entirely about reaching a lot of people, and having the article be as accessible as possible. I don’t think I care much about getting paid.

If it matters: The article is a sort of how-to-guide on how to run a better Zoom cocktail party (or a class, conference or meeting) by using some tricks to let people freely move into and out of small groups. In case the article is relevant to the answer, I’ve put a link in my bio (to avoid self-linking here).

Any ideas much appreciated!!
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The answers to some of these questions would be in The Startup's copyright policy -- what rights you sign over to them and what your remaining rights would be. Can you ask them to send you the policy before you make a decision?
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Many publications do not want to publish an article after it has been published elsewhere.
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Response by poster: update: I submitted it...
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