Hot feet whyyyyyyy
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Why are my feet hot? You are not my doctor.

Just what it says. For the past two weeks my feet are hot, especially after I eat or drink alcohol, even a little. It doesn’t hurt and I could live with it but I’m wondering if it’s anything more serious.
Feet are not hot to the touch. Sometimes my hands are also vague hot. No rashes. No swelling.
I’m in early 40s, not menopausal, exhausted out of shape parent.
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Best answer: Do you happen to be eating a lot more soy than usual as you shelter in place?

I ask because alcohol flush syndrome does happen in places other than the face, and results from an excess of acetaldehyde.

Some soy isoflavones are potent inhibitors of some human acetaldehyde dehydrogenases, and could conceivably cause a buildup of the alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde after drinking alcohol.

The fermentation process which produces tofu apparently gets rid of most of these isoflavones, but I've read that the steaming which produces edamame, for example, does not.
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Have you switched medications lately? I seem to recall having this kind of reaction when I took Citalopram.
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Best answer: Do you have a uterus? I am also early 40s with hot feet, and my gynecologist says they’re a form of hot flashes and are likely to continue until I hit menopause (whee). Unusual but common enough that she didn’t even bat an eye when I mentioned it. On a positive note, while at first I found them absolutely intolerable, I got used to having hot feet as time went on. I wear flip flops and sandals whenever I can, slip-off shoes when I can’t, and always take my socks and sneakers off immediately after I run to let my feet start cooling down. I’ve also gotten really good at sleeping with my feet outside the covers.
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I started noticing this a few months ago. I compared notes with women friends and learned that some of them had started to experience the same in their 40s.

While I'm not perimenopausal yet (per my doc) I do have mild hot flashes.

I'll be watching the other comments with interest.
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I am with the others it's a common pre pre menopausal symptom.

Also are you sitting around more than usual or sitting in harder chairs, thanks to the quarantine lots of people are sitting around more & it can lead to swelling in your feet or even them just feeling hotter as the blood flow is inhibited. Alcohol thins the blood which would change your blood flow & eating can increase your body temp. Also if you are getting up from your seat to get food or drinks that could add to the sensation of your feet feeling hot after sitting a while.
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Yes! I forgot about hot feet as a perimenopausal symptom. I definitely had that.
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If you have a uterus, it's probably perimenopause. I have the same problem and use the same solution as others listed: sandals, slip off shoes, flip flops. I have some mesh Nikes I wear all the time now. I told my husband that it's like what teen boys go through, the ones that don't wear jackets in the winter or wear shorts all the time?
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Huh. I've started getting this, too -- especially after alcohol, pretty much always at night. My usually-cold feet do get warm. I'm 44 with ladybits.

It makes it really difficult to sleep. If you run into this, things that help me are raising and/or stretching my legs, and cooling my whole body off. Like, actually making myself quite cold for a little while. Summer is fun.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. If it’s not pre pre menopause, any other ideas what it could be?
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Google says it could be any number of other things, but you don't mention other symptoms (e.g. numbness, tingling, pain, weakness). It wouldn't hurt to talk to your doctor about it, especially if you are having other symptoms or haven't had a wellness check in a while.
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