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I read a short story some years ago. I can't remember the same or who wrote it. Can the Hive Mind help me?

It's about a man and a woman who were in the same hospital room together. The man had had an accident of some sort. Every time he went to sleep his memory was wiped clean. He had no idea who he was or what had happened to him. The woman could see into the future.

At the end of the story, the woman dies. The man wakes up the next morning, and says "I fell off a tractor."

Google has been worse than helpful. My memory has abandoned me.
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You may want to look at the TVTropes pages for amnesia and precognition (despite the site's name, it is not limited, at all, to television), and also visit the PrintSF subreddit.
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Response by poster: Thanks anyway, guys.

The closest I get on a net search so far are images of tractors and movies about precogs.
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[will update and repost]
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Looks like you asked this three years ago, and, amusingly, I tried back then too. :)

I suspect that the tractor part might be wrong, or at least not valuable as a search term. Google Books only has a few tiny quotes on that.

I've posted your excerpt on /r/whatsthatbook -- let's see if we get any bites!
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Response by poster: WCMike: oops. Thanks then, thanks now.
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