How do I reset the settings on Terminal for OS X?
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I've managed to screw up Terminal on OS X. I chose File | New Command and checked Run command inside a shell, then with the window active I went to Terminal | Window Settings... and then clicked on Use Settings as Defaults. Ever since then, a File | New Shell will just open a window running the same command as the one that I did the Use Settings as Defaults on. How can I fix this and reset Terminal's configuration? I'm using OS X 10.4.5 on an Intel Mac mini, if it makes a difference.
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Response by poster: I would prefer a solution that can be accomplished through the OS X interface, but if you can tell me where Terminal stores its configuration files, that'd be useful as well. As long as they're stored as text, I can make whatever edits are necessary if that's what's required.
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Best answer: Look in your Home folder -> Library -> Preferences, and delete the file:

Next time you run Terminal, it will create the default preferences again.
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I suspect you'll be able to fix this if you open a Terminal, go to Terminal -> Preferences and make sure the top radio button is selected ("Execute the default login shell[...]").

Then go back to Terminal -> Window Settings and click on "Use Settings as Defaults" again.
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Response by poster: Olli, I tried that and it didn't work. All that does is run the command script in the default shell.
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Response by poster: gaby, that worked! Thanks.
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Thanks for asking this! I've run into this problem multiple times on different OS X installs and never got around to fixing it, because I normally use iTerm. Now that I've gotten hooked on GNU Screen, iTerm's tabs seem unnecessary, given it's occasionally buggy behavior.

What would usually happen to me is that after using the GNU debugger in Xcode, would try to run gdb on a non-existent process, and be very annoying. Now it is gone!
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