Kosher for Passover (in theory) liqueurs
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Which liqueurs that you might commonly find in the U.S. would be at least theoretically kosher for Passover (putting aside certification issues) for someone consuming kitniyot?

In some cases, the issue is with the base alcohol used. For instance, Chartreuse is reportedly made with grain alcohol, which would not be kosher for Passover. However, Cointreau is made using alcohol from sugar beets, which would (again, in theory) be okay. In other cases, the ingredients that flavor the liqueur could also be a problem.

Grateful for any thoughts you might have, and chag sameach!
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First, an acknowledgment that those who observe two days of chag will not be back online until Sunday, so don't despair if your question doesn't get more quality answers until then.

A couple of additional possibilities, in addition to Cointreau:
- Arak
- Benedictine
- Kahlua
- Kirsch cherry liqueur
- Slivovitz plum liqueur

There are, of course, other base ingredients that you could use for your cocktails, including pure agave tequila and potato vodka.

Please note that IANYR and you should check with the local rabbinic authority to verify your choices.

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I'm not Jewish, so I'm making suggestions in the spirit of trying to being helpful. If I'm talking out of turn please tell me.

Distillery 209 makes gin and vodka that's kosher for Passover.

Vodka distilled from potatoes

Rum is distilled from sugar cane

Brandy is distilled from fruit, so it would not contain any grain spirits (unless it's something like cut brandy, Jaloviina for example). brandies like Calvados (apples), Cognac, Armagnac, Grappa, Pisco (grapes), Kirsch (cherries) etc.

Tequilla is distilled from agave
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Sake is made from rice, so theoretically fine for someone consuming kitniyot.
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you find all kinds of surprising stuff labeled KfP. Slivovitz, definitely, and I have a bottle of imported KfP cherry liqueur that comes in very handy for plague themed cocktails.
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Grand Marnier is cognac based, and higher-quality curaçaos are usually rum or cognac based. Clement Mahina Coco is delicious and rum-based. A lot of higher-quality fruit liqueurs have fruit brandy as the base.

So basically you want to be looking for something with a brandy, fruit brandy, or rum base. Not everything labeled brandy is actually brandy, though.
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Response by poster: Ach, AngerBoy, good point about the chag. Here I am asking this half-assed halakhic question and forgetting something pretty important! Have to admit I wanted to get it in before the weekend. 😂

I suppose the simpler way of asking this question is, which liqueurs are not made with chametz, which is basically anything made with wheat, barley, rye, oats or spelt.

And Dr. Twist, your contribution is spot-on and most appreciated!
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I assume everything on Kosher Liquor List is kosher; please don't tell me otherwise because it's far too late now...
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Seems like an eau de vie would work? There are some nice ones now.
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Be careful with vodka - the higher-grade is made with potatoes, but a lot is made with with grains. For example Żubrówka is a rye vodka.
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Passover liquor - the basics

This is the CRC Pesach Liquor list, but since you're asking for this in theory, without certification and including kitnyiot, it's probably too narrow on its own for your purposes?
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