Leaving without saying goodbye- how best to do?
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I accepted a new job and handed in my notice before the COVID crisis began. I’m now working remotely and never got to say goodbye (or even tell many coworkers) that I’m leaving the company. How would you say goodbye and let people know? (Under normal circumstances, I would tell them face to face!)

I’m close enough with some that I text with them and sometimes had group get-togethers, but don’t really keep in close personal one-on-one contact. However, I’ve been there for a couple of years so it seems odd to leave without saying anything! Sending a text seems curt (but maybe just because I’m old?) and I’ve never spoken on the phone to any of them, so that also seems strange. A group email also seems impersonal for those I am closer with. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Could you have a "virtual going-away Happy Hour" on Zoom and invite folks to that? I would get a 1 or 2 coworkers to confirm their attendance before sending out the link. People could pop in and out at their convenience.
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when I left my last job, I said goodbye to several remote coworkers with personal emails. Nothing too fancy, just some variation of "Hi so-and-so, I wanted to let you know that today will be my last day at oldjob. I have really enjoyed working with you over the years, and I'll miss your [flair with spreadsheets/database wizardry/keeping everyone going with just the right gif on a tough day]! If you'd like to keep in touch, my contact info is _ All the best, me." Some of them followed up in chat or by phone, but I left that up to them.
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Text or email (individually) the ones you are close to. Everyone else gets a group email on the last day saying goodbye and providing a personal email address where they can keep in touch and which none of them will ever use.
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The format matters less than having not done anything at all. Choose your favorite mode of communication and do it today.
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We had someone leave about a week into our remote work. He sent an email and we did a video chat going away party.
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I work for a company that has personnel across the globe. It is not unusual to receive an email from someone announcing that they are leaving the company. Normally the email will state how much they enjoyed working with everyone. many will include personal contact info in case some wish to remain in touch. I think under current conditions an email would be fine.
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Personal emails first, followed by a generic email to everyone.
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