Add Notes and Reminders icons to iPhone home screen
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I have somehow deleted the icons for the Notes app and Reminders app from the home screen of my iPhone SE. Is there some way to get them back? If I reset the home screen layout will it revert to factory settings and delete all my other apps?
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If you actually deleted the icons (not just moved them somewhere else) you may need to re-download the apps from the app store.Straightforward. Apple didn't used to let you delete "native" apps but lately they have been. Go to the App store and check for "Reminders" and "Notes" and see if that doesn't fit it.
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I have an SE too, and assuming your iOS is up-to-sate, my suggestion is to:

1) Open App Store app
2) Tap on your profile image (near upper left)
3) Tap on Purchased.
4) Tap on My Purchases (I have family purchases set up, so I don't know if you will see My Purchases or not)
5) Tap "not on this phone" from the top.
6) Use the search at the top to find Notes and Reminder, and click the cloud download icon. 7) Bob's your uncle.

Good luck.
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