Simplest way to share resources/links/articles for parents & kids
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Is there is an easy/simple app? website? that would allow me to have 2 sections, where I could then store links, articles, videos, etc for folks I work with to access, and doesn't have any messaging or commenting feature?

I'm a therapist working with parents & kids, and a clinical supervisor to 4 other therapists. I'm wondering if there is an easy/simple app? website? other? that would allow me to have 2 sections, maybe just "For Parents" and "For Kids" where I could then store links, articles, videos, etc for the folks I work with to access. I can't just give them handouts with the information anymore, and I can't text or email these folks. It would not have to be HIPAA compliant because I would not have any interaction with folks through this, it would just be a place where I would aggregate the resources and they could look at it. If you have opinions about what it is I'm looking for, please let me know! Thanks!
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Pinboard? You could use tags for the "for-parents" and "for-kids", then link to the tag page. There are also Pinboard apps for both iPhone and Android.
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POCKET is a possibility. It's for individual users, but if you created an account with a throwaway email you could share the login/password with whoever you'd like and they could then see all the articles, videos, links that you have saved to Pocket. Anything you save to Pocket can be tagged and you can even use multiple tags. Thing is, Pocket only collects/saves stuff from the internet, so if you have your own personal files you want to share, you would have to upload those to a blog or something. Pocket is free and awesome. App is available for Android and/or Iphones + laptops/desktops.
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You could set up a public google doc and attach the link to a url shortener like
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(You can turn off editing and commenting on a public google doc).
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How about Padlet? I'm a School Psychologist and I've used it to create collections of resources for families and students. There are lots of different options for layouts - the "Shelf" one allows you to create multiple columns with links to different content in each.
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Google Sites is ridiculously easy to use, truly, no coding required. It’s all drag and drop in super simple templates. I’d probably set up a very simple website there if I needed to do what you want to do.
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