Can you help me identify this pink tile?
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I’ve seen my share of pink tile, but not like this! Can you help me figure out what kind of tile it is? It’s very hard and feels like solid stone. It held up to getting scratched with a flathead screwdriver.

For those who can’t see the photo for whatever reason, it’s a light pink tile with some lighter/white spots in it.
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Looks very similar to some white tile with green splotches that I had in a house built in the 1940's. It would not have scratched with a screwdriver either but I thought that was an ordinary thing for well made tiles.
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I cannot ID the tile but I bet this company can and maybe even sell you the same or complimentary tile if needed.
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Best answer: It's a glazed porcelain tile that was originally produced in Indonesia, that pink base color with the white splotches of glaze over it is a super common look (or was in the 70s/80s). It may be harder to find as a trim tile, which your photo looks like, but it commonly shows up in mosaics. Here are two examples of the pattern/color that looks closest to yours, though neither of them are an exact color match (1,2).

I used to work in tile and I worked for the company importing most of these niche products; if you have other questions, DM me!
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Response by poster: Thanks! I guess I need to scratch off some non trim tile, then!
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