Pork butt in the house!
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As part of a biggish shopping trip this morning, trying to lay in supplies for the next couple weeks, I picked up an almost 5 lb boneless pork butt. I'd like to braise/slow roast this bad boy, but don't have a recipe. I could wing it, but would love to know what are your favorites? I have only my tried and true Le Creuset Dutch oven on hand.
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Best answer: Genius pork shoulder ragu.
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Best answer: Pour a can of Coca Cola (sugared, not diet) over it and slow-cook it in the Dutch Oven on a low heat until it's fork-tender. Shred it, pour a jar of BBQ sauce over it and cook it for another half-hour or so. Use it in tacos, sandwiches, with mashed potato, however you want it.
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Best answer: Milk braised pork is delicious. We just made it the other day, also using 5 lb of a cheap cut of boneless pork. It's amazing how the milk transforms over a couple hours to a lovely curdy savory sauce.
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Best answer: i made j kenji lópez-alt's carnitas tacos the other day and they were lovely. not too hard, just make sure to plan ahead because it needs to be in the oven for about 3-1/2 hours.
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Best answer: My standby for pork shoulder is this internet-famous pernil recipe from reddit. It's so simple and so good. Count on it taking longer than he suggests though. Pork shoulder is a start-it-in-the-morning kind of thing. Make his rice and beans, too! (If you don't have sazon on hand, but do have any sort of Latin grocery/bodega nearby, avoid another big grocery store trip and hit them up. Sazon is great for so many things.)

If I'm in the mood for something more Asian-inspired, then I'll make this recipe from the NY Times. It's very, very good.

I have never made Momofuku Bo Saam but I keep thinking that quarantine might be the right time!

You really can't go wrong with a pork shoulder and a lot of time.
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Best answer: I will always enthusiastically recommend pernil! (Though I use Mark Bittman's version.)
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Best answer: Like pmdboi, I also made the Serious Eats carnitas tacos, but I added some of the seasoning from the New York Times' recipe (and the comments therein) as well. They were the most amazing thing ever.

We did a taco bar and included: spanish rice, cilantro, onion, cotija cheese, lightly pickled cabbage, salsa verde, lime, and avocado.

Three pounds of meat (minus fatty bits) were devoured. I was disappointingly left with no leftovers.
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Best answer: Adam Liaw's recipe for chashu pork is a staple in our house. It's a little time-consuming (though not that much more than other roast pork recipes) but it's extremely easy to make and impossible to really mess up. You can also use nearly any large boneless cut of pork; so far I've tried pork belly, shoulder and loin. Pork belly works best but the others were also pretty good, and probably healthier for us.

We keep the roast in the fridge and slice off pieces for ramen, sandwiches, breakfast eggs, whatever else, kind of like how other people use a Costco roast chicken. It keeps for about a week and a half; if we're not going through it fast enough I slice up the remainder and freeze it.
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Best answer: Are you familiar with Filipino cuisine? Because we loves us some pork. There are a million pork adobo recipes out there along with Filipino pork skewers. You can't go wrong.
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Best answer: Chile Verde. Period.
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Best answer: 2nd the NYT carnitas recipe posted above. They use too much oregano but otherwise it's good as written. And the leftovers make great freezer burritos!
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Best answer: I have made the Momofuku Bo Ssam recipe that lunasol mentioned, and in addition to being delicious, it also has the benefit of having little flavoring other than salt and sugar (and its own pork flavor), so it is exceedingly versatile as leftovers!
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Best answer: We use this dry rub and make up this sauce

In a small saucepan, simmer the following till thick
Can of Pepsi
Cup ketchup
1/2 cup brown sugar
Cup chili sauce
A few good shakes of Worcestershire
2 cloves garlic smashed
A good squeeze of sriracha

We often do the pork butt on the bbq, but if in the house, I've used the dry rub, and a can of pepsi and slow cook in a cast iron pot until fork tender. Pull it all, then add the bbq sauce.
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Best answer: My pernil recipe. I do it in a slow cooker but it'll work just fine in an oven too.

1. Make a dry rub out of 1/4 cup Goya Adobo seasoning and two packets of sazon.
2. Coat the pork.
3. Mix 6-8 minced cloves of garlic with 3 or 4 TBS of the green Goya sofrito. Coat the pork over the dry rub you already applied.
4. Let it cook until fork tender.

We usually serve it with rice on day 1, make tacos on Day 2, and eat leftovers for lunch, and freeze enough for another meal the following week.
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Best answer: Kahlua Pig is pork slow-cooked with a little liquid smoke until tender. My Hawaiian family adds some chopped cabbage at the end. Serve with bread, probably some barbecue sauces, hot sauces, mustards, whatever you have. If you slow-cook a pork butt until all the connective tissue dissolves and the fat liquefies, it will be delicious, everything else is a nice addition, but it's going to be so good.
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Best answer: Pulled pork makes *fantastic* nachos.
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Best answer: I have made the Momofuku Bo Ssam, and if you choose it, I would caution you to heed the commenter that mentioned the specifics of the salt:

"Here is an interesting piece of info that might clarify the salt debate. The Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Cook's Illustrated reports that there are significant differences in sodium chloride levels in the three main salts used by cooks. This could account for the differing results. I know the time I didn't use Diamond Crystal salt, my bo ssam was nearly inedible. They say: 1 tsp. table salt = 1.5 tsp.Morton Kosher salt = 2 tsp. Diamond Crystal salt"

I used Morton's in my cure, and it was, as they said, nearly inedibly salty. I powered through, cause I wasn't gonna waste $30 or whatever it was of pork shoulder, but it wasn't an overly pleasant experience.
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Best answer: Crock Pot pulled pork: 1 Crock Pot, 1 can of soda pop (Dr. Pepper is popular, root beer, ginger ale, coke, etc.), 1 onion, however much butt you want to eat over the next couple days, and BBQ sauce.

Chop onion, put into pot, fill with pork butt, add can of soda. Cook on Low all day (minus one hour), shred it up with a couple forks or whatever, add some BBQ sauce and put back into the crock pot for another hour. Place into Bolillos (or other soft roll) with some cole slaw and you have a tasty fake Cuban sandwich.
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Best answer: I too have made the Momofuku Bo Ssam and it is very delicious and very easy with the trade off that you have to do prep the night before and do a long slow cook. It has never failed to impress.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the great answers, these all look delicious! For the record, I made this recipe, primarily because I had all the ingredients (I would have done the bo ssam but I don't even have a cup of sugar right now).

I threw half a head of sliced cabbage and a few chopped carrots on top for about the last hour or so for roughage.

Good point about the salt difference, slenderloris. I normally have kosher salt, but am working in tight quarters whilst in lockdown, so that'll have to be on the next restocking list.

Stay safe everybody!
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Best answer: All those soda pop recipes are using it for the sugar, and barbecue sauce is also full of sugary goodness.
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