Replacement for Mossimo leggings from Target
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Mossimo used to make leggings - they were thick, soft, supportive, matte, and sturdy, with a wide, flat waistband, and ankle length for me (I'm 5'5"). They were affordable and sold at Target. I wore them under dresses with boots, on the weekends, everywhere. They no longer make them and I've been trying to find a suitable replacement for a year. Most of what I have found is either way too thin, too shiny, or the waistband is insanely tight. Anyone that was familiar with these leggings that can direct me to a replacement with similar qualities?
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Best answer: I haven't tried those exact leggings but would use all the same words to describe these Mixit leggings from J.C. Penney. I'm 5'1" and they're a good length on me so might be a tad longer than ankle on you.
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Best answer: You might like the land's end starfish leggings.
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Best answer: Try Old Navy’s high-waist leggings. I live in them.
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Best answer: Try Old Navy’s high-waist leggings. I live in them.

As do I, especially in these times where one no longer needs to wear actual pants. Their Elevate high-waist compression leggings are probably closest to what you're looking for. They can be a pain to find in dark colours, without mesh inserts when there's a sale, though - when you find some, buy as many as you can.

I'm the same height as you and the 7/8-length leggings reach my ankles, whereas the regular full-length ones are longer than ankle-length on me. It might be worth trying the petite regular length if you can find them in stock online.
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Best answer: Omg. When I asked about them at Target, I got a quick “that’s a juniors brand” in response. Sure, but they were good.

I’m wearing some Vera Wangs now that I adore and are softer but not quite as thick. No shine tho.
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Best answer: I’m a 5’1 fan of Zenana cotton leggings for all the reasons you cite. Their website is down now, but Zulily and other sources have them too.
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Best answer: The Hue wide waistband leggings might work for you. I'm a bit taller than you but with unusually short legs, and the 28" inseam hits right at my ankle. They are opaque, sturdy, and soft, and do have the wide waistband. Maybe worth measuring the inseam of your current leggings to compare? A bit expensive, but I have a pair that has lasted for years.
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Best answer: If you're a size 10 or larger, Torrid makes leggings like these. I'm wearing some right now!
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Response by poster: If anyone is happening upon this thread in the future, I tried out lots (but not all) of the suggestions here and in my opinion, the two leggings that are the closest to the sadly-departed Mossimo leggings are the Land's End Starfish leggings (but they are very long so try to go to a smaller size) and the Mixit leggings from J.C. Penney (they are very similar to Mossimo except a tiny bit thinner material). Thanks everyone!
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