Fall lawn fertilizer in Spring?
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I got most of the way done laying-down a weed-n-feed this morning, and then realized I had put down the stuff sold for Fall treatment. Will it still work the way I need?

(Please note...The only reason I'm even putting down a weed-n-feed is to avoid nasty letters from my HOA.)

As I noted, I got mostly done with the application before I noticed that the bag was for fall applications. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the spring and fall products is that the spring stuff is 28-0-3 and the fall stuff is 28-0-6. Will this slight difference make a difference in how quickly/thoroughly the weed-n-feed a)kills the currently-growing weeds, and b) greens-up the turfgrasses?

I can't lay down anything more for at least 30 days (according to the bag), but should plan on laying down a proper spring formula after then?

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If it were me, I'd shrug and consider it a done thing. I really doubt that it will be worse than using the Spring formulation.
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It should be fine as far as fertilizing goes. The "weed" part might contain a different chemical for spring weeds than fall weeds, though. Usually the spring one is specifically geared to crabgrass control. The fall one might be fertilizer only, no weedkiller. If that's the case, you can apply (without waiting) a non-fertilizing crabgrass killer. But in my experience if you used a crabgrass formula one year (and all your neighbors are doing the same), you're not going to get much crabgrass in Year Two.
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Depending if you have warm season or cool season grass, it might be a great time to aerate and thatch (if needed) before doing an overseeding and adding organic material. starting now on getting your lawn into a healthier state lets you avoid using weed and feed in the fall and spring. healthy lawns crowd out weeds to the point that hand pulling isn't a giant chore.

Unless like beagle mentioned you are using crabgrass control or it contains a pre-emergent herbicide the fertilizer is unlikely to be different. The bag of fertilizer will tell you how long to wait before overseeding.
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It is not going to make a great deal of difference as long as the bag indicates that it controls the weeds you have around. It will be perfectly fine to use.

Do not attempt to plant any new grass seed for 60 days because a weed control product will possibly stunt new grass sprouts.
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