I need a place to sit.
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Like many, I'm working from home now. I need a chair that will help me do so.

I bought a standing desk that is fixed height, with the goal of standing half the day and sitting the other half. It's adjustable, but not easily - adjusting isn't "on the fly" and would require disassembly. The height at which it works as a standing desk means that most standard desk chairs won't fit it - none of them adjust to be high enough. Even the drafting chairs I've looked at aren't really tall enough.

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a drafting chair or other desk chair that has, or adjusts to, a 36 inch seat height? I have found many chairs that say they're "extra tall" that reach a max seat height of about 33 inches, but my measurements show that I need one that is 36.

I could always reduce the height of my desk a bit, but then I'll have to do the put-the-keyboard-on-a-box-on-the-desk thing, and I'd rather not do that if I can avoid it. So if there is a 36 inch seat height desk chair out there, I'd love to know about it.


- adjustable to, or fixed at, 36 inch seat height (overall chair height does not matter)
- desk chair would be nice but any chair of that height would work in a pinch
- arms would be ideal, but it's not a dealbreaker if not present
- wheels not necessary, but fine if they're present
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Chairs (well, mostly stools/perches) specifically intended to be used with adjustable/standing desks definitely exist. I've seen them sold (at least in corporate office furniture catalogs) as "standing supports" and "standing desk stools".
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but any chair of that height would work in a pinch
as a search term: Extra-tall bar stool: "An extra-tall bar stool is commonly 33-36 inches from the floor to the seat (33 to 36-inch seat height). "
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Amazon links, but other suppliers may have these models:
Lorell LLR86801 Ratchet Mesh Mid-Back Stool Chair - Seat-height adjustment from 25" to 35-2/5"

Harwick Grey Fabric Ergonomic Adjustable Drafting Chair - Seat-height Adjustment 26"-35"

Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool, Black - Seat Height 26.5" (at lowest point) / 36.5" (at highest point); has arms

Just to note: a) a 33" height chair with other features you like might be embiggened with new casters or an add-on seat cushion; b) skimming several reviews, it's common for the 'highest/tallest' seat setting to lose up to an inch once the chair is occupied.
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I'd caution against anything like a bar stool because they generally don't have the back and leg support you'd expect from a typical office chair. Both your sitting and your standing time should be spent as close to ergonomically perfect as you can get. I've spent a lot of time at what was effectively a standing desk with a stool and I suspect that contributed to the serious back and hip pain I've been struggling with for a while.

Another problem with sitting at a standing desk is that your feet need to rest on something so your legs are at right angles to your torso. If your legs dangle down then your posture can get out of whack and again, you're at risk of developing chronic pain.

Last year I bought a flat motorized standing desk from UPLIFT Desk. It was nerve-wracking expensive, $700-800, but it has been one of my best purchases ever. This Wirecutter article also recommends Jarvis desks from Fully. The standing desk/stool approach was excruciating and I just had to do something different. I highly recommend a motorized desk with a normal office chair if your finances allow it at all.
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