Seizures of N95 Masks - Official Reasoning? Most Likely True Reasoning?
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State governments are referring to seizures of N95 masks by the Trump Administration -- Somerset County, NJ (35k), Mass. (3m), Honeywell -- not to mention outbiddings. I am far from a Trump supporter, but I am wondering what they say their supposed purpose of these seizures is. Most of the social media reactions seem to come from 'keeping them out of the hands of those that need them', 'killing his own people', etc. What is the Trump Administration saying is the reasoning or strategy behind buying/outbidding these? And also, what is the most likely true reasoning or strategy behind this?
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follow Josh. He won't publish... let's call it unverifiable bullshit.
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Massachusetts and Colorado both had shipments seized by the federal government.

Jared Kushner said, on record, that the federal acquisition of medical equipment was 'ours, not for states to use', which begs the question of who the federal government is going to provide that equipment to if not the states.
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Josh just now on breaking AP PPE seizures story.
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The interesting thing about those TPM articles is what's not there, and Josh Marshall knows it. The key line is
Baker did not say which agency confiscated the goods or under what authority.
Like, "the Feds" don't confiscate things, because "the Feds" aren't a thing that exists. Individual federal agencies confiscate things under specific authorities (if someone says "the Feds" took something, then it could be the CBP, TSA, IRS, DEA, or any of a number of other agencies, depending on what exactly was being taken and why). If we don't know who did it, we don't know what rationale or authority they had to do so. And that's a big important question which, AFAICT, has not actually been answered in stories about this confiscation.
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Sorry, I should have been clearer. The seizure, at least in Colorado, was by FEMA.
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