What is this piece of studio gear?
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On an synthpop music video from 10 years ago I spotted this piece of equipment that looks like a simple mixing board, but is pretty thick. It looks like an 8-track mixer or effects console, and has the style of maybe a piece of studio gear from the late 1970s. Any idea what this is exactly and who manufactures it?

The item appears in this video (Ladytron, 2009, at KCRW Sessions). I looked around on image searches but can't find anything like it.
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Best answer: It's a Furman HRM-16 personal monitor mixer - each band member has one driving their own pair of headphones, so they can adjust the mix as they like on the fly.
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Yup, offog has it - you can see one to the side of the guitar player and behind the bass player, too.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Much appreciated.
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