How should we deal with a gross unhygienic parking neighbour?
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For the past couple of months, there's been a lingering urine smell in our shared parking garage for our rental townhouses; today we learned its because one of the men who owns a car three spots down has been pissing behind our car in the corner. When my Partner saw him today and asked what he was doing, he just said that "He's just taking a piss, man" and then hopped into his car and drove away.

Partner is thinking of writing the guy a note, and if nothing changes, going to Property Management (who is usually pretty great but not sure how much they can do since this is a rental).

What would you suggest we do? (Location: Toronto, ON if helpful)
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Call the cops.
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report to landlord, including offenders info "guy who parks in space 3-C".
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Sorry dont want to thread sit but do you guys recommend going to "authorities" before/instead of talking to the guy directly?
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I honestly can't imagine that someone who pisses in a public parking garage steps from their own house and bathroom is capable of feeling the amount of shame talking to him would need to cause for him to stop. I'd go straight to the "authorities".
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It seems like your partner *did* talk to him directly and he acted like he was doing nothing wrong or unusual. Peeing in the parking garage of your home is definitely both of those things.

I would each out to property management with information about the smell problem and that you saw the person who was causing it. Supply any info you have about them like the otter lady said. I would not engage him any further on this subject in person.
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That's fairly bizarre behavior, both the public urination steps from their own home and their response when your partner approached him. I'd stay far away from this person and only communicate through relevant authorities such as the landlord/property manager/owner of the parking garage.
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I would not try to reason with someone who was pissing in a shared garage. I would call the property manager. I wouldn't call the cops.
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I wonder if he does live in one of the townhouses or has just got access to the garage somehow, and is maybe living in the car. Maybe he got thrown out. Anyway, doesn't matter, he knows what he'e doing is not cool, he's notably not pissing behind his own car. Do not engage, go to management.
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He definitely lives in our townhouses, we see him regularly going to and from the car. And the piss thing has been happening since the cold cold winter times - maybe December?

Partner is concerned that if we report the guy, he'll retaliate by keying our car or something since he knows we know. Is this something we should be concerned about?
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Is it possible to report him to property management anonymously, so as to avoid any retaliation (e.g. the dreaded keying of the car)?
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How about installing a sign, e.g. "NOTICE: This area is under 24 hour video surveillance"? Installing actual video surveillance could be more helpful, but a sign might function as a deterrent.
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Partner is concerned that if we report the guy, he'll retaliate by keying our car or something since he knows we know. Is this something we should be concerned about?

He might do that anyway, even if you do nothing further. He's already pissing around your car, and he knows that you know about it. I wouldn't assume this is a wholly rational actor. Document what's happening. Send an email to property management so you have a dated copy that you can show to the police if anything else happens.

Also, do you see him going to his townhouse, or just the car? I've had a key to a parking garage for a complex I didn't live in. The owners didn't have a car and let me use their spot. Again, this probably isn't even important, though if it turns out he doesn't actually live there this becomes an easier problem to fix (for management, don't involve yourself).
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Call the police, give them his license plate and apartment number or at least his parking space number. Also contact property management and give them the police report number. Dont put up fake signs. If he retaliates you have probable cause and your insurance company will go after him.
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Police. In California that's an offense that can get you on the registered sex offender list. Take a picture, for the most part dudes waving their dick around in public becomes sex crime.
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Dumping urine in a public space is illegal in many areas, and not just because it’s a nuisance. Urine is bio waste and potentially hazardous. Find out if public peeing is illegal where you are. Scientists say it’s not known yet whether Covid-19 can be transmitted through urine, but they haven’t ruled it out.

This dude’s behavior poses a possible health risk to you. I’d do as others suggested and tell your property manager about this. Landlords are under obligation to provide safe living conditions for renters, and they need to know about this. Report it to the police as well, in case the guy is violating any local laws.

Zengargoyle has a great point as well (no pun intended)
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Yeah I mean you already confronted him, he admitted it and showed no indication that he intends to stop. Landlord first, then if landlord won't do anything, cops.
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a thing you can do without involving authorities, and which is also hilarious, is repaint that corner with the special no-public-pissers paint that causes any liquid splashed upon it to instantly splash back copiously on the splasher, drenching them from the knees down in their own piss.
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