Software that converts a song to musical notation?
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Is this a thing? Is there an app that allows you to, say, sing a tune to it or play it a recording, and it writes down the music? Do you have personal experience with such an app if it exists? How do you use it?
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There's software called Celemony that can convert waveforms to midi, and there are programs that can render midi as standard music notation, but the learning curves on these can be quite hard, and also maybe more expensive than you were hoping.

That's all I got. I'll be interested to see if anyone knows of something simpler.
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Best answer: There's ScoreCloud (there's a free level of service). I've been using it for awhile, although only a few times having it convert audio to musical notation. For computers, there's an app for Windows and Mac. There's an iPhone app ScoreCloud Express, but I haven't used it.
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Most music notation software will let you input with a MIDI keyboard, if that's an option for you.
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Sibelius can transcribe audio and midi sources.
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