What's the best software for putting together a pandemic church service?
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Hey guys I'm at my wits end. My tiny church is trying to adapt to weekly streaming services, and my normal role is to play piano and lead worship. I have tried to adapt PowerPoint to this task and produce a video that includes the worship music, communion video message by someone else and the sermon by our pastor, but it turns out PowerPoint is a really awkward tool for this and I can't get half the videos to play despite a full day of debugging and testing. Help!

I really only need two things: 1) A video editor that lets me overlay text for the worship songs on top of or adjacent to my worship video, and 2) A service that lets me patch 3 to 6 videos together for one 50 to 70 minute long presentation. I'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars on this but I might if I have to. Assume my tech level is relatively proficient but certainly not in the livelong member of the high school AV Club.
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Best answer: I've been working to do a similar thing for a theater company I work with. The two tools I've found so far are Restream Studio and OBS (as mentioned above). I'm just starting to learn about both of them, so I don't have a ton of opinions on either. OBS is free; Restream Studio has a free plan but may need to be paid depending on what you need from it. I'm curious to hear what other suggestions folks have -- I think a lot of people are trying to solve this same problem right now.
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One more option I found: Lightstream, a browser-based streaming studio with a free starter plan.

In the meanwhile, I've been playing with OBS and it seems extremely intuitive and easy to use, with good help documentation available online.
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