How Do I Find Out What Shoes I'm Wearing?
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Please help me, if you can, figure out what model running shoes I have. I need new ones and can't go in to a store to get fitted. Details after the jump.

I am not someone who can wear just any running shoe. Usually I have to try them on to make sure they fit my wierd feet comfortably. A couple months before all the crazy started I had been meaning to get new shoes cause my old ones were starting to break down. Then La Carona came along and now I can't go get fitted for a new pair. My feet are starting to hurt from running in the old ones. I think my only hope is to figure out what exact model of shoe I have and order it again on line if anyone has any left in stock. The pair I have is made by Brooks but more than that I don't know. Where can I look to find the model name/number? I see the words "Adrenaline" and "Guiderails" written on the bottom sides of the shoe. Could that be a model? If you know anything about running shoes your help is deeply appreciated. Thank you!
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Best answer: Adrenaline is the model name.
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Can you post a photo?

Googling Brooks Adrenaline brings up this - is there a reason you think that's not the one? It says they have Guiderails.
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I’ve been wearing Brooks Adrenaline forever. I get a new pair every year. I have narrow feet (so I get the narrow width ones) which overpronate (roll inwards).

If you post a couple of pics from different angles, I reckon we could nail them down to the exact model.
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Jackrabbit has a screaming deal on the previous model (the 19's, they're up to 20 now). I hadn't been familiar with the site but had good luck with them recently. Then again, they have an amazing colorway in the 20's :) Happy running!
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Best answer: What do yours say on the tongue? My old 18 Adrenalines have the model year on the tongue and it looks like the new 20s do as well.
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Best answer: Yeah, both my Adrenalines have the model and the year on the tongue. (GTS 15 and 17 for me, but I always buy last year's model on discount.)
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P.S. This year's Adrenalin GTSs look great and have Guardrails support
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Response by poster: OH guys! Thank you! I hadn't noticed the number 19 on the tongue. You guys are da bomb!
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Looks like you're sorted. If it helps anyone, Running Company are doing e-fittings now.
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Best answer: FYI, Brooks is shipping on time and free. Here's the Adrenaline GTS 20, and the GTS 19 on sale. I'm also an Adrenaline-wearer, so good choice.
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